Standard conditions of hire

In this agreement “the Committee” means the Management and trustees of Hascombe Village Hall, “Premises” means Hascombe Village Hall and its cartilage and all its contents and facilities and any part thereof, and “the Hirer” means the organisation, company, person or persons hiring the premises.

The Hirer is responsible for safeguarding the Premises and indemnifies the Committee for the cost of repairs thereto arising from damage incurred during the period of, or attributable to, their hiring (see also 12 below).

The Hirer is responsible for the conduct of all persons using the Premises during their hire period and preventing any activity which is likely to cause a nuisance (see also 11 below).

The Hirer is responsible for supervising car parking arrangements and, in particular, should ensure that no vehicles are parked on, or driven over, and part of the recreation ground or cause an obstruction in Mare Lane.

The Committee accepts no responsibility for items brought on to the Premises by the Hirer or for vehicles, including their contents, left in the car park.

The hirer is required to comply with all statutory regulations and bye-laws issued by the Fire Authority, the Health and Safety Executive, The Magistrates’ Court and/or any other competent authority and must observe all food health and hygiene regulations relating to the preparation and provision of food and drink in the Premises.

The Hirer is not to sub-hire the Premises nor permit them to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any manner likely to jeopardise the insurance cover relative thereto.

The Hirer is required to obtain the permission of the Committee for the consumption of alcoholic liquor on the Premises. No alcoholic liquor may be sold on the premises without an appropriate licence having first been obtained, for which the Hirer will be responsible.

The Committee reserves the right to cancel a hiring if the Premises are required for use as a polling station or if the Committee considers that the purposes of the hiring are not in the best interests of the village. The Committee also reserves the right to cancel any hiring, upon giving reasonable notice, if the Premises are required for a traditional village event. In all such events a full refund will be made to the Hirer of any monies paid.

10.  If the Hirer cancels a hiring within 30 days of the due date and the Committee is unable to arrange a replacement hiring, the question of payment and repayment of the hiring charges will be at the sole discretion of the Committee.

11.  The premises must be vacated at the end of the booking period and in any event not later than 10pm in the case of extra-village users or 12 midnight for village users. The Hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition, removing all rubbish, removing all equipment which is not the property of the Committee, returning all contents to their proper places and for switching off all lights and electrical appliances. For each booking specific arrangements will be in place made for the locking of all windows and doors and the return and/or safeguarding of keys; the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that such arrangements are followed.


Guidance for large groups (parties, dances etc)

a) At least 4 responsible people should be appointed to keep unauthorised people out of the Premises, to ensure that Health and Safety Regulations are followed and generally to keep order.

b) Noise levels should be monitored and should not be allowed to reach a point where they become a nuisance to the owners of neighbouring properties.

c) Guests should be advised that stiletto (or similar) heals will not be allowed on the Premises because the Hirer is responsible (see condition 2) for all damage, including damage to the floor.

d) The making of smoke or the use of fireworks or naked flames is prohibited under the Fire Regulations (see condition 6).